This document describes technical aspects of my DMA thesis composition “Sight Unseen”. Mainly, it discusses the use of new tools that I developed for granular synthesis in the SuperCollider and RTcmix languages, and some compositional strategies using the GRM tools plugins package.

Sight Unseen - tech info

This document describes atypical uses of physical modeling software instruments by myself and other composers. I look at the use of these tools for creating interesting hybrid instrument sounds and different kinds of noise.

Lukaszuk - modeling


Algorithmic music written in the ChucK or RTcmix languages:

Wanderers - no. 2

Wanderers - no. 3

Wanderers - no. 4

Notes and tutorials on using the ChucK language for sound synthesis on processing. These were written for the “Electronic Music Techniques” and “Laptop Performance” courses that I taught while pursuing doctoral studies. These were supplemental to in-class activities.


Misc. RTcmix code that I’ve used in my music:

Lukaszuk - RTcmix scores

Glitchy chucK patches. The first one causes a resonant bandpass filter to malfunction using Q values of < 1.0, also offering some interesting additional control of output using infrasonic frequency arguments for the oscillator begin fed into the filter. The second one is made to control foldover caused by aliasing using oscillators as input (i.e. distortion from sampling sounds that have frequencies > 1/2 of the sampling rate).