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Electroacoustic Music

Electroacoustic music combines electronically synthesized sounds with those produced by conventional musical instruments and/or field recordings. Such pieces often take the form of a kind of sound collage. Electroacoustic music can also take the shape of an interactive/reactive dailogue between a musical instrument and a computer. The pieces can be more ambient and static, or possess a more conventional narrative/goal-oriented structure. The fixed-media electroacoustic pieces that I’ve posted below are not mastered for commercial release, instead the audio is treated for the purpose of presenting the works in a live setting with multiple loudspeakers.


Classical Guitar Music

A fair amount of my recent output as a composer has been focused on creating new works for guitar. I feel that there’s already a large amount of great music out there for professionals playing at a very high level. My goal is to create pieces suitable for intermediate guitarists.

Recent works for solo guitar (scores)

Laptop Improvisation

Laptops and electronic instruments have facilitated the development of new musical performance practices. Electronic ensembles are inherently inclusive and encourage experimentation with sound. This piece is an example of a straightforward approach using the track pad, keyboard and sudden motion sensor (SMS) from a MacBook Pro to improvise as a group. The players also communicate through networked messaging offering cues to each other.